New Lay Pastoral Care Training Opportunity begins Sept 17

Introductory Exploration on Sunday, Sept. 17, 11:15 a.m. in the Library

Please come to learn about this International program of pastoral care!  Called a "School for God's service," it can guide us to better serve people who are sick, bereaved, lonely or just need some TLC at the moment -- through an initial series of classes. 

   A spiritual component, learning about Benedictine spirituality, is an important part of COHI to help our own spiritual growth in "balance, humility and hospitality."

   Carolyn Cockroft, Regional Director, and Jennifer Sassin, International Director of COHI, will be with us to talk about COHI's mission and answer any questions.  Come and listen and learn -- help us know if this is for Saint Luke's, joining with St. Aidan's and Pohick Churches who are already involved, and continue to meet periodically for study, discussion and prayer.

Please look at COHI's website to learn more before you come, or pick up a copy of the brochure in the narthex.  Come on the 17th to check it out!

Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care endeavors to make Saint Luke's a model of love, nurture, and care through ministries and activities that promote respect and mutual affection.

Let us know of illness, a death in the family, or other pastoral emergencies, please call 703.765.4342, press 114 to reach the rector, leave a message which will be forwarded to his mobile phone should he not available when you call.

To add a name(s) to the Sunday prayer list for the current month, complete the form below. Your requests are always encouraged and welcomed. (Full name is optional and the reason for your request will remain confidential).

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