MemberSHIP SUmmit Sept 10

·      Learn about all the membership activities already going on;

·      Share your ideas and help set priorities for church activities;

·      Hear about the findings of the Spiritual Renewal Inventory and the RenewalWorks program; &

·      Explore new ways to be more effectively involved.

Our goal for the summit is to connect all the activities going on in our church already and to explore ways to capture and focus new energy.  Membership activities foster our relationship with each other – the body of our church – and are a part of our collective spiritual journey.  These programs help express our love for one another.  Our work both within and outside our church is part of our worship of God.

An agenda can be found here.

Please complete (and print) the INVITE-WELCOME-CONNECT Checklist prior to the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please RSVP to Susan Bentley, Parish Administrator