Labor Day Sunday - Sermon by Jane Flowers Sept 6, 2015

Good Morning and Happy Labor Day Weekend.  I was asked earlier in the spring, by some very persuasive individuals here at the church, to speak today about Labor Day and my experience as a Christian in the work force.  Of course I felt a little apprehensive about doing this,  especially after telling my daughter Savannah and her response was You?  But here I stand, humbly in front of you with a few words I hope you will be able to reflect on in the coming year.

Labor Day was originally organized to celebrate various labor associations' strengths and contributions to the United States economy which begun back in 1882.  HHhowever, now it is more often just thought of as a holiday used for a day of rest or the last chance for many people to go on trips before the summer ends. Which is why I felt more confident about giving this sermon because I knew most of the church would be on their last summer fling!!  And of course for most students, this the last weekend before school begins.

Not much thought is given to the actual term Labor Day anymore.  So I took a moment to break it down.  When we think of labor so many different things can come to mind:


  • A physical or mental exertion, especially with exhausting work
  • A specific task or effort, especially a painful or arduous one
  • The process which child birth occurs

So given this context, labor certainly doesn’t seem like an enjoyable task, although it is something most of us cannot ignore unless we happen to be heirs to a great fortune.  However, as I looked back on my various jobs that I have labored in, there was always one factor that determined if the job would be a painful or arduous one as mentioned above or a labor of love, one I would describe as something to look forward to and enjoy on a daily basis....

The complete sermon can be found here.