Parish Committees


Each parishioner is encouraged to become an active member of Saint Luke's by sharing his or her time, talent and treasure in one of our internal parish ministries.

Our parish offers numerous programs and ministries. We invite you to prayerfully reflect on your own gifts and consider offering to share these gifts with others. If you feel called to serve on one of these listings, please feel free to reach out to Tuck (or any of the Clergy team) or Jeff. They can have the group leader contact you at their earliest convenience.


Elected by Annual Meeting and Entrusted with all temporal affairs of the church.


Plans the annual barbecue help the first Saturday of May.

Core Member Involvement

Develops and implements a core member involvement strategy: new member orientation, vocational discernment, and faith formation

Day School Board

Appointed by the Rector and Vestry to oversee the budget and policies of the Day School

Non-Sunday Worship Service

Develops and implements a distinctive non-Sunday morning worship service that meets the interests of identified demographic groups

Pastoral Care

Develops and implements the Pastoral Care Ministry

Administration Committee

Responsible for the maintenance and repair of the building and grounds.

FOSL (Fabric of Saint Luke's) Committee

Responsible for executing building renovation and enhancements.

Grounds and Gardens Subcommittee

Focuses on gardening during the spring and summer.

Kitchen Guild

Oversees maintenance and cleaning of kitchen. instruct users on kitchen use; contribute ideas on kitchen use policies and kitchen purchases 

Office Volunteers

Coordinates volunteers to expedite otherwise time-consuming tasks, such as mailings; additionally seeks volunteers to fill-in during vacations.

Budget And Finance Committee

Responsible for developing and implementing the annual budget and the long-range financial plan, leading to a financially healthy and stable portfolio during lean years.

Communications Committee

Responsible for developing a communication plan for the parish.


Responsible for cataloging and maintaining all historical records and photographs

The Evangel

A newsletter published electronically and in hard copy and distributed internally quarterly. Editor would be in charge of collecting and editing the stories.

IT Support

Responsible for maintaining current IT equipment; additionally responsible for introducing and implementing technology to keep pace with current innovation.

Parish Photographers

Responsible for shooting various events throughout the year for inclusion in electronic and printed media.

Web site

Responsible for ensuring and maintaining accurate, relevant information on our Web site.

Education Committee

Responsible for setting goals for Sunday School for children and teens 

4th and 5th Grade Class

Workshop Cycles Leader: For older children we are currently using a rotation-style curriculum called Workshop Cycles. Each cycle is 5-7 weeks, and leaders would work in teams of 2 leading one or more cycles. Training is not required for this curriculum.

Adult Education Subcommittee

This group plans Adult Forums, Lenten programming, Bible Studies, and other Adult Christian Formation programming

Atrium Assistants

An assistant’s duties include maintaining the environment, assisting children to find work, greeting parents at the door, and observing.

Catechesis  1 (K-1ST grade) 2 (2ND - 3RD grade)

Catechist: Makes a commitment to in-depth training in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, and to leading an atrium at either the 3-6 age level or 6-9 age level.


Adults serve as mentors to teens in 8th & 9th grade

J2A Steering 

Oversees the implementation of the Journey to Adulthood (J2A) program for teens.

J2A Pumpkin Patch

Oversees the activities of the J2A regarding Pumpkin Patch.

New Curriculum

Helpers to assist with creating materials for a new Sunday school curriculum, “Monsters of the Bible,” being developed by Geoff French.


Responsible for staffing and running the nursery on Sunday mornings

POLOs (Parents of Little Ones)

Gathers regularly to discuss topics pertinent to parents of young children.


Adults serve as mentors to teens in 6th and 7th grades.

Saturday Morning Bible Study

Adult theological reflection and study group

Thursday Morning Bible Study

Morning Prayer, Breakfast, and Theological reflection


Adults serve as mentors to teens in 10th, 11th, 12th grades.

Youth Group

Organizes fellowship activities with and for the youth.


Vacation Bible School for children during the week of Aug. 4-8, 21014, 9 a.m. - 12 noon.

Fellowship Committee

Committee oversees needs of various parish receptions

All Saints Seniors Luncheon

Sit down lunch served to all members of Saint Luke’s 70 years and older.

Coffee Hour

Sunday Morning Coffee Service.

Easter Day Choir Breakfast

Breakfast for choir between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Easter Sunday Service.

Easter Vigil Feast

Coordinates dinner.

Saint Catherine's Guild

Episcopal Church Women (ECW) empowers women to do Christ’s ministry in the world. (from National ECW web site).

Fish Groups

Potluck supper groups formed each Fall that meet during the year.

Ladies' First Tuesday

An informal gathering of women from the parish and community to share wine or other beverage and hors d’oeuvre.

Lenten Dinners

Coordinate potluck suppers during Lent.

Men's Steak and Beer

 Men grill and dine once a month during spring and summer.

Parish Brunch

Meals served for the congregation for the sheer delight of a sharing a delicious fare together.

Parish Picnic at Mount Vernon Park

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

Plans and executes supper.

Thanksgiving Day Feast

tPotluck Thanksgiving Day dinner with urkey and stuffing provided by the Rector.

Invitation Committee

Oversees the process of inviting, welcoming and incorporating new members.


Greet people at church on Sunday mornings.

Lunch in the Library

Lunch for new and exploring members.

Stewardship Committee

Oversees the Four Seasons of Stewardship Program

Annual Giving Campaign

Plans and carries out fundraising activities for operating budget.

Endowment Campaign Team

Oversee development of Endowment. Plans and carries out fundraising activities for memorial gifts, bequests and major lifetime gifts; communicate those purposes to donors and volunteers.

Stewardship of Creation

Facilitated Demonstration Project – Requesting: $3,500 - $5,000 Total Project: Variable The Diocese of Virginia Stewardship of Creation Committee (SoCC) proposes a “Facilitated Demonstration Project” whereby the Mustard Seed Grant Committee would select a 5 parish within the diocese to receive Mustard Seed grant funding. The criteria for selection would include demonstrating means to strengthen care for creation in all aspects of its functioning through conservation retrofits, improved recycling, congregational programs, home programs and other means. Grant funding for the parish demonstration project should have transformative significance for other churches in the Diocese as a tangible source of ideas and experience that can facilitate and encourage like measures in other parishes. Consistent with Mustard Seed Grant committee and funding for the demonstration project (a maximum of $5,000 in grant funds) would be directed for the selected parish. The principal roles of the SoCC would be (i) to assist the Mustard Seed Grant Committee in developing selection criteria, demonstration project guidelines, and a plan for publicizing grant availability; (ii) to assist the Mustard Seed Grant Committee in review of proposals as requested by the committee; (iii) to assist the selected parish in identifying and evaluating technical sources of expertise and other pertinent resources; (iv) to follow and document parish endeavors and experience to maintain a running record of ideas, issues, challenges, and outcomes as resources for publicizing the relevance of parish efforts. Budgeting would be based upon the Mustard Seed Grant Committee setting aside funding of between $3,500 and $5,000 and awarded through the standard Mustard Seed Grant Committee process

Time and Talent

Plans and carries out annual time and talent campaign.

Worship Committee

Oversees needs of Worship ministries including planning annual calendar of services


5th-12th  graders serve on teams to assist clergy at worship 

Altar Guild

Prepares altar for worship, care for linens and sacred vessels, some flower arranging

Chalice Bearers/Lectors

Reads and leads prayers of the people; administer the chalice at communion

Children's Choir

Sings in church services and other events periodically.

Concerts at Saint Luke's

Plans and executes concert series.

Handbell Choir

Plays occasionally at church services.

Music Subcommittee

Arranges for musicians for extra events such as outdoor services

Parish Choir

Sings at church services

Teen Choir

Sings at church services and other events periodically


Greets and assists people as they gather for worship, and assists with other duties during worship.