Be "in the know!" Please join us in the Parish Hall at 9 a.m. to learn, discuss, and contribute to these discussion topics:

January 2019

January 13 (Baptism of our Lord) - Veronika Hosts an intergenerational Baptism party! Celebrate and learn about your baptism.


Do you celebrate your birthday every year? Most of us do. Do you celebrate your baptism every year? What an idea! Some folks do it at home, and some don't, but St. Luke's is going to celebrate everyone's baptism, and invite those not yet baptized to learn about it and celebrate this gift God gives us freely.

Please come a little early or stay a little later on Sunday, January 13th when we celebrate the Baptism of our Lord Jesus and our own re-birth in his grace and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Who's invited? Everyone in the church! Young and older, newly baptized, not yet baptized, or celebrating decades of life in Christ. There's no Sunday School or Adult Forum that day. Come as a child of God and learn together.

 What's happening? Games and activities about baptism, information about baptism to take home, ways to think about your ministry as a baptized person, and CAKE. Something for everyone to learn, enjoy and ponder.

 When? 8:45 am-9:45 am, Sunday January 13th. CAKE served at 9 am.

 Hosted by: Veronika and the Children's Ministry Steering team.

January 20 (Martin Luther King Jr.) - 15 minute Bible study on the Book of Romans, Reflection on baptism and action in the public square.

January 27 - Vestry Candidates - 15 minute Bible study on the Book of Romans, Reflection on Vestry work as proclaiming the Gospel and living our baptismal calling.