Are you curious about what the "J2A Dinner" is?

The Journey to Adulthood Celebration Dinner is a special event that takes place during the beginning of a new two-year cycle of the Journey to Adulthood program.  The J2A Celebration is especially designed for the class members of the J2A section of the Journey to Adulthood program, with the objective of celebrating the teens’ journey from childhood to adulthood.  The celebration begins with dinner (Italian-themed potluck), followed by two separate and simultaneous liturgies.  One of the two liturgies is a Litany of Dedication intended for the J2A teens, and is a liturgy accompanied by a Eucharist.  The other liturgy, entitled Litany of Offering and Sacrifice, is intended for the J2A teens’ parents.  Both liturgies take place simultaneously but in two separate spaces.   Members of Rite 13 and YAC and their parents participate in the dinner and their role during the evening is to help with clean up after dinner, in this way showing their support for the members of the J2A class.

The Litany of Dedication helps the J2A teens recognize that they are indeed involved in a journey from childhood to adulthood.  As a community of young people, they are purposefully acknowledging that they are at this point in life on a path towards becoming adults as God intends them to be.  They are also committing themselves to walk on this path together, and to strengthen and support each other in joy or sadness.   Above all, they affirm that God is firmly standing with them in their journey.  

The Litany of Offering and Sacrifice helps the parents of the J2A teens to recognize that their children are now in a journey of growth from childhood towards adulthood.  The Litany encourages parents to recall the hopes and fears that they had during their teenage years, and to share their hopes and dreams for their children.

For this occasion, the J2A class members will be special guests at the dinner, and as guests they will not be expected to do any work during the evening.  All parents, however, are asked to host the dinner by bringing a dish.  In addition to being hosts, Rite 13 and YAC members and their parents will be asked to help with set up before and clean up after dinner.