Mustard Seeds

Caroline writes

I used my dollar to buy a can of pumpkin that I used to make four homemade loaves of Pumpkin Oatmeal Bread.  One was for the nourishment of my family, the other three I will share today with neighbors who are alone or in need of a "hug" from someone.

An older (80's) gentleman neighbor who got one of my loaves called to thank me and said it tasted just like the wonderful gingerbread his mother used to make!  It made me happy that I had brought back a nice memory for him

Mustard Seeds

Sharon writes

Yesterday I added my $1.00 to the Communion Alms at the Fall Meeting of the Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Virginia. This year the communion alms are designated to go to the Mother's Union in the Congo, a program of the Anglican Church in that war-torn country which sponsors journeys to "independence though education" by learning a trade. The goal is to provide 21 sewing machines at $300 each. A contribution was also made in the name of St. Catherine's Guild, St. Luke's arm of the ECW.


Mustard Seeds

Reisa writes

I used the $1.00 to buy some freezer pops for the kids at our neighborhood basketball court.  

I have not given the kids the freezer pops yet - waiting for a another warm October late afternoon, when I am off work and there are a lot of kids on the court.  

I have given them freezer pops a few times in the last couple of years.  When they see me coming, they drop everything and run towards me.   It is mostly a group of black kids,  some small kids, some middle school kids.  I hope they appreciate it.  

Mustard Seeds

Zelda writes

I was walking through Old Town early this morning. 'Noticed a homeless woman at the corner of St. Adaph and King Streets sitting inside a corner of a building.

I went to the Walgreens in the next block and bought water, crackers and a Chicken noodle Soup To-Go cup for her. Brought the items back to her. She asked what it was. I told her what was in the bag. She told me she was a vegetarian and started to return the bag to me. I stopped her and suggested she share it with someone else. She smiled and said, "who?"  I told her to "be creative."

She said thank you and smiled.

Mustard Seeds

I used my dollar last weekend week to give to a man in the Home Depot parking lot at the Mount Vernon shopping center who came up to me to say he was employed at a gasoline station but not earning enough money to support his family.  He was very obviously distraught.

And today a funny thing happened. I saw a man with a sign saying his family was homeless when I exited 66 on the way to the office. I thought of the mustard seed, and decided to give him one of my own dollars.  I hope it helps him, and maybe it will even help me.