J2A Pilgrimage to Banff

This Sunday I am so excited to hear about the J2A Pilgrimage to Banff, British Columbia at the Adult Forum this Sunday.  This is our seventh J2A Pilgrimage group.  And while each group is unique, and each one has had their challenges, each of them has filled me with joy as they have shared the wonder they experienced in God and all God’s works.

That wonder is the culmination of a huge team effort coordinated by our Associate Rector, the Rev. Veronika Travis, including   

  • anyone who unloaded, turned, sold, bought, or cleaned up a pumpkin in the last two years;

  • any Mentor or Sunday school teacher who nurtured one of our pilgrims through their journey of childhood toward adulthood at St. Lukes;

  • any member of the congregation who gave of their time, talent, and treasure to St. Luke’s.

The joy and wonder of these pilgrimage experiences seems reflected in the parables Jesus tells in this Sunday’s about God’s joy in relationship with each of us. 

 If you want to reconnect with the joy of God, and wonder in God’s works, come and listen to our pilgrims.  See their pictures.  Watch their faces. In the wilds of British Columbia, in fellowship with strangers and one another, they encountered the Holy.  Thanks to you.  Thanks to everyone who helped.  Thanks to God, the giver, God the seeker, God the finder.

St. Luke’s J2A Pilgrimage Destinations and Mentors

2007 Canterbury, U.K.             

Mentors – Skip Jones, Tiffany Joly, David Ayres, Michael Tindle, Merodie Hancock, Susie Ashton, Eva Scull, the Rev. Ketlen Solak

2009 Hawaii, U.S.A.                 

Mentors – Marjy Jones, Scott Solak, Lisa Maple, Keith Byron, the Rev. Ketlen Solak

2011 Ireland                           

Mentors – Martha Beckford, Mike Tindle, the Rev. Ketlen Solak

2013 Germany                 

Mentors - Paul Krizek, Terri O’Connor, Kelly Ronayne, 

2015 Scotland, U.K.

Mentors - Bob McPeek, George Omohundro, Kathryn Tindle 

2017 France                      

Mentors - Wendy Joachim, Scott McPeek, Amanda Wallingford, Meredith Maple 

2019 Banff, BC, Canada 

Mentors - Kelly Ronayne, Christine Kelly, Terri O’Connor

With gratitude,