St. Luke's Annual Meeting and Gratitude for Vestry Service

Dear friends,

Please join us this Sunday following the 10 o’clock service for St. Luke’s 79th annual meeting. The primary purpose of the Annual Meeting is to elect new members of the Vestry. This year, as usual, God has blessed St. Luke’s with wonderfully talented candidates, each of whom is a glowing example of Christ’s love, humility, and faithfulness– Reisa Kall, Christine Kelly, John Little and Tim Staples.

Don Hazen, Cathy McPeek, Terri O’Connor, Skip MacMichael, Suzanne Reynolds, and Chris Weaver will complete their three-year terms on the Vestry with the election of their replacements this Sunday. Despite various personal challenges including cancer, relocation, the death of a spouse, unemployment, and countless other responsibilities they have not faltered in their commitment to St. Luke’s, nor ever hidden their lights under a bushel. Each has been a shining example of Christ’s love, humility, and faithful service.

Together they have helped reorganize the Vestry into Functional Areas, established the Vestry 20’s, adopted the Invite Welcome Connect Membership and Renewal Works Spiritual Growth Formation strategies, and led us through a Sabbatical, an associate Rector transition, and a Feasibility study.

As I reflect with gratitude upon new, retiring, and continuing Vestry members, and all they have accomplished to the glory of God and the welfare of this community, I am awed by how deep the talent runs in this wonderful parish of this great Diocese. Since 1999, over 100 members have served on the Vestry. What an awesome group! Awesome, but perhaps not surprising. Since the One who forms all of us for this service is the source and exemplar of all goodness, our Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer.

What a joy it is for me personally to be blessed to work with each and every one of you in Christ’s service.

Vestry members 1999-2019 (including youth):

Bob Chadduck 99

Richard Maple 99, 06

Richard McFarland 99

Marge Stallman 99, 11

Christine Weaver 01, 09, 18

Susie Ashton 00

Dick Larm 00, 07

Eva Scull 00

Dru Vodra 00

Ivy Mojeski 02

Erie Edgar 01

Jim Huston 01

Marjy Jones 01

Bob Schreiber 01

Jere Sharp 01

Yost Connor 02

Lee Gilmore 02

Lisa Maple 02

Amy Ronayne 02

Lisa Collett 03

Christy Cooper 03

Tom Hargrove 03, 10

Jim Poole 03, 12

Michael Hawkinson 03 (youth)

Anne Ayres 04

George Coviello 04

Ben Griffin 04

Andrea Huston 04

Paul Johnson 04

John Medina 05

Bob Mojeski 05

Beth Morrissey 05

Harry Shackelford 05

Danny Huston 05 (youth)

David Hamilton 06

Bob McPeek 06

Sue Rogich 06

Eunice Theobalds 06

Steve Hancock 07

Paul Krizek 07

Michele Sandberg 07

Joyce Delaney 07

Drew Hutcheson 07

Meredith Maple 07 (youth)

Karen Median 08

Rebecca Questad 08

Kelly Ronayne 08

Jonathan Warren 08

Barbara Conner 09

Jack Gray 09

Chris McFarlane 09

Tom Yoder 09

Susan Harris 10

Alan Hope 10

R. Schweickhardt 10

Savannah Smith 10 (youth)

Don Hazen 11, 18

Bill Nichols 11

Mary Orzechowski 11

Deirdre Parker 11

Tom Hofeller 12

Sallie Hutcheson 12

David Tucker 12, 17

Christopher Weaver 12

Julia Warren 13 (youth)

Sally Hurme 13

Skip Jones 13

G Omohundro 13, 20

Martha Beckford 14

Rob Lamb 14

Chris Pegher 14

Chuck Silva 14

Charity Swift 15

Jane Flowers 15

David Riley 15

Will Johnson 15

D. Bowerfind 15 (youth)

Eric Phillips 16

Judy Bryan 16

Joe Manous 16

Mike Tindle 17

Beth Wells 17

Skip MacMichael 18

Cathy McPeek 18

Terri O’Connor 18

Suzanne Reynolds 18

Katie Schweickhardt 18 (youth)

Greg Fortsch 19

Melissa French 19

Frank Morgan 19

Brian Tringali 19

Charles Kinney 20

A. Wallingford 20

Cathy Lewis 20

With gratitude,