Weekly Message

Dear Friends,

There is a popular movement floating around these days by Marie Kondo that suggests that when organizing your space you should look at your “stuff” and decide if it brings you “joy”.  If something does not spark “joy” then you should get rid of it and keep the items that truly make you feel happy.  I would argue that church involvement should be looked at in much the same fashion.  After more than 25 years of participation in a wide range of activities at St. Luke’s, I have found my “joy” through being a lector and chalice minister.

In my professional life, I was a special education teacher.  This was a career that truly brought me joy.  I was at home in a classroom and I loved working with students.  I could talk to students without any problems but put me in front of a group of adults and my level of anxiety was off the charts.  I dreaded the annual Back to School event every fall where I would have to speak to parents!  I would get tears in my eyes and stumble over my words.  It was awful!  Many years ago, I decided that I had to tackle this problem so I decided that I would find out about what was involved in becoming a lector, thinking that the words were provided; all I had to do was to read them.  Hopefully no one remembers my very first time, standing at the lectern looking out at all the faces and our beautiful organ.  My heart was beating like crazy but I did it!  Each time I was scheduled to read, I would prepare by practicing and trying to understand what the words were saying.  Like everything, it gets easier the more you do it.  There is joy in sharing God’s words!

After a few years of being a lay reader, I thought,” I want to be a Chalice Minister”.

I learned that you need to get licensed by the diocese for a 3-year term, but it’s an easy process.  I received training and I was official, I could serve the wine!  At that time I had no idea how powerful a seemingly simple task could be.  Being given the opportunity to share part of our communion with members of St. Luke’s is a spiritual gift that I have been blessed with.  I relish each opportunity to serve and like to think that I am making a special connection with each one of you that I have the privilege to serve wine.  This brings me JOY!

Maybe you have an interest in proclaiming the word by voice and action; you can become a lector and/or a chalice minister, too.  It may be life changing for you as well! Ask me, Tuck or Veronika for more information and share the JOY!

Lisa Maple