Weekly Message

Our congregation and the Saint Luke’s community have been looking at ways to continue its spiritual journey and discovery for the last 2-3 years. From the time Tuck began his Sabbatical to today, we have considered how we as individuals and as a group can discern more about our faith and how we can better serve God’s mission. While Tuck was away, Grace led us in renewing our relationships with one another and those in the surrounding community. Upon his return, Tuck focused us on discovering where we are in our path to spirituality. In 2019, we have been asked by Tuck and Veronika to reflect on God’s word and how God is leading and impacting each of our lives.

As I contemplated what I could do to better understand God’s direction and apply that direction to my daily life, I thought about the method I use to prepare a lesson when I’m scheduled as a Lector. I begin the process by downloading the reading from the Lectionary Page (https://www.lectionarypage.net) around mid-week. I do an initial review to see if there are any words I don’t know or can’t pronounce and then read through the lesson every day to work through punctuation and phrasing. I also take time each day to think about what the particular reading is telling me. I’ve found this enables me to do a better job reading the lesson on Sunday, but I also come away with some personal thoughts and insights on how to apply what I read to how I live my life.

As a means of spending more time this year reflecting on God’s word, I’ve decided to apply portions of this process, which I only use when I’m a Lector, to each of the designated readings every week. I’m hoping through my commitment of a little additional time for private reflection each week, I can gain a better understanding of “The Word of the Lord” and attempt to apply those teachings to my life going forward. Although this is a personal decision for me, it may not be right for everyone. I know many of you I speak with already have their own established ways to reflect on God’s word. If you don’t, you may give mine a try or I encourage you to take some time and develop your own.


Chuck Silva