Peace and Goodwill

We are all struggling to understand what to do or say that might help our fellow parishioners, friends, and neighbors who are directly impacted by the government shutdown.  If any of you know of families that need additional support, please let me know. We can help with food cards and some additional forms of financial assistance. Many St. Luke's members are ready to help as neighbors.  And please know St. Luke's building is available for anyone who wants space to gather with children or colleagues.  There are some restrictions, but most days our library, nave, narthex and sometimes the parish hall are available.  We have plenty of supplies for coffee and hot chocolate, and we would be happy to try to provide anything else that would be of help. This offer can be extended by any parishioner to anyone they know. We are stewards of this place for the sake of the community.  Working together we can find some creative way to use the resources entrusted to us by God to help people.

The Baptism of Our Lord, which we celebrate this Sunday, expands upon the message of the Nativity, which is that in Jesus God makes the human divine.  The Baptism begins to clarify the truth that it isn't just Jesus who is holy.  Through the crucified and risen Jesus the holy spirit will be extended to every human being, to anyone who is willing to recognize that every human life is holy.  

This Sunday we will baptize two young boys, Beckett and Harrison Bradley, into the Body of Christ, into the household and family of God.  As we do, we will invite them to join us in extending the love of God to others.  Through the members of the Body, through us, God is continuing the message of the angels: Peace and Goodwill to all people.  

Perhaps there is some way to use this current crisis to make it clear to others that God's love is available for them in their lives, not just as words, but through the human and capital resources of the church, through us, through you, and through St. Luke's.  Just let them know we are open, available, ready to be of help if in some way we can be.  

with gratitude,