Spending our dollars....

A reflection by Frank Morgan

Some of you may remember Tuck handing out dollar bills several years ago and telling us we could use the dollar for whatever we wanted, but we should try and discern how God wanted us to use it.  It took a while for me to eventually heed the call.  Thankfully, I did.  What I discerned was God didn’t care if I worked at a prestigious law firm, wore fancy clothes, and had fancy things.  God wanted more for me.  So, I invested my dollar to leave my old law firm and start my own.

But God wasn’t after my legal skills.  God wanted my time.  It was no coincidence that I soon found myself far more involved with St. Luke’s and the community.  Many of the activities I had more time for involve working with youth, such as teaching Rite 13 and Sunday School, being a Cub Scout leader, and coaching various sports.  At first, I didn’t think of those activities as a “ministry” or that I was serving God by participating, it just seemed a natural extension of having four kids.  Maybe you the reader, like I did, don’t see the many activities you undoubtedly do as ministry.  You should. 

Once I started to think of what I was doing as ministry, the activities took on new meaning and purpose.  Working with youth can be a challenge and sometimes can require a great deal of patience more than I have.  The activities, themselves, can be time consuming.  Screaming and yelling is not uncommon.  In fact, working with youth is a lot like working with a bunch of lawyers!  The pay off, though, is far greater than money. 

For me, the pay off is not always evident in the moment, though it can be.  The reward is witnessing youth you have mentored, in whatever form it takes, doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly; and knowing you played a small part.

God wanted me to spend my dollar to buy time.  I am grateful for too many reasons to list here, but at the top is being able to spend time with my kids.  Something a seasoned colleague once told me, which stuck, is you will not look back on your life and wish you had spent more time at the office.  I pray we may all be able to listen and respond when we learn how God wants us to spend our dollars.

Frank Morgan