How St. Luke's Pumpkins Send Vines into our Lives and Community

A reflection by Amanda Wallingford and Wendy Joachim

“…send us out to do the work you have given us to do as faithful witnesses of Christ our Lord.”

                                                                                                                   BCP p. 366

With the arrival of the pumpkins this Saturday morning we have the chance to do the good work God has given us to do! There are so many reasons to love Saint Luke’s Pumpkin Patch and its many vines that go out into the world. Here’s a glimpse of a few of those:

1.      It was started by a group of parishioners who wanted to get the J2A program and its pilgrimage off the ground as a fundraiser to help offset costs for the families of the pilgrims.  Look at the Patch today! It is accomplished by a Herculean effort by the parish and the greater community to support our young people in this endeavor. In thanks we offer a special shout out to Village Hardware, the Boy Scouts and West Po / Sandburg students for their help unloading the trucks!!

2.      It adds beauty, fun, and contributes to the general awesomeness of life in Fort Hunt.

3.      In partnership with the Navajo Nation, we bless each other with our efforts and in turn honor God. Proceeds of the pumpkin sales are split with the Navajo reservation in New Mexico.  They grow their crops knowing we’ll purchase them when they come up and we know we’ll have an excellent product to sell each year. Truly a win / win proposition!

4.      Cheerfully working together for a common purpose lifts everyone involved up!

5.      It is inclusive! Everyone can help in some way and most do: the children in Catechesis/Workshop Cycles make the popular Spooky-Pops, older kids package the delicious “Pilgrim’s Progress-O Bean Soup” that is a popular seller, an army of bakers prepare the now-famous Pumpkin Bread by the truckload, the network of volunteers who run the Patch on a daily basis, retirees who help during the school day when the kids are occupied, parents that get the kids to and from their Patch commitments and of course our wonderful customers who BUY the pumpkins from the Patch! Thank you Saint Luke’s and Greater Fort Hunt!

6.      The J2A Pilgrims are literally sent out into the world as faithful witnesses when they go on Pilgrimage taking with them all the blessings of Saint Luke’s.

7.      It affords many teachable moments to our youth and adults alike! Working with the public is an important skill to learn. There are lessons that can only be learned by hard work and the Patch offers that opportunity.

8.      The Pumpkin Patch is an outward and visible sign of Saint Luke’s thriving commitment to the youth of the congregation. 

Thank you Saint Luke’s for your commitment to our young people. Jesus is the vine, we are the branches and now it’s time to get to work. We look forward to seeing you in the Patch often!

Team Orange 2018