How responding to God's Gifts strengthens us to "Go Now into the World" in love and service.

A reflection by Greg Joachim

Dear Friends,

When I was approached last year to take over as Stewardship Chairman, my first reaction was there had been a terrible mistake. Stewardship involves funding the church’s activities and I’m not even allowed to balance our checkbook at home! My international relations degree and career spanning US Embassies around Africa makes me potentially the least qualified person at St. Luke’s to take on this important task. What does diplomacy and interacting with foreign nations have to do with Stewardship? Luckily God know has a plan for each of us, one that we may not even know about.

Looking back on the last the past six months of Stewardship work I am profoundly grateful for all the wonderful people I have met and for the increased depth of knowledge of all the great things our congregation does in our community and around the world. When the Diocese informed us that this year’s Stewardship Theme was Now Into the World everything started to make sense for me.

Stewardship is not just financial in nature. It is simply God calling each of us to use the gifts he has given us to enable the rewarding work God calls us to do. The results of our Stewardship allow St. Luke’s to go Now Into the World and make a difference in people’s lives. That may be at midnight at the Hypothermia Shelter, bedside at Paul Spring Retirement Community, on the jungle gym at the Day School or listening to our Choir sing on Sunday mornings. I am grateful in my life for everything that Stewardship allows St. Luke’s to accomplish.


- Greg Joachim