FISH Groups and Being Together as Christians

A reflection by Brian Tringali

Why do we attend church together as a congregation and not just pray on our own?  After all, we can talk to God whenever and where ever we want.  Right?

         "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." 

- Matthew 18:20

The answer can be found in Scripture readings like Matthew.  And, like much of Scripture, it speaks to a truth that is in our hearts.

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My own spiritual journey has moved from a personal faith alone to include a community of believers.  Caroline and I have found a home here at St. Luke's.  That happened slowly and over time, but it happened.  As our daughter prepares to fly the nest, we find ourselves in a family of faith community and surrounded by friends.  FISH Groups have been a big part of our ever-expanding enjoyment of being a part of this congregation.

FISH (Fellowship In Social Hour) Groups are informal gatherings in our respective homes without any agenda other than getting to know each other better.  Yes, we might offer a blessing of thanksgiving to God at some point in the evening, but that is about the only nod to our belief.  Many of us do this anyway when we have guests in our homes.

Last year, the Vestry tried an experiment with having Vestry members responsible for FISH Group gatherings.  This worked for some but not for others.  Based upon popular demand, the Vestry would like to return to a voluntary participation in FISH Groups.  These are home-hosted, small group gatherings and a chance to meet new people that you may not know already.  Everyone who can attend a particular event brings a pre-determined food item - and there is always plenty of food and fun!

To get involved in a FISH Group again (or for the first time), we ask that you sign-up on our church website (, respond via Monday's evite, or sign up in person in the Narthex on Sunday, September 30th - right after both services.  

In faith,

Brian Tringali