Rector's Weekly Message, March 24, 2016

As we gather for the proper liturgies of the Great Three Days of our Lord’s Passion and Resurrection [Maundy Thursday March 24 at 7:30pm, Good Friday March 25 noon and 7:30pm , Easter Vigil March 26 7:30pm, and the Day of Resurrection March 27] we may sometimes wonder what good it does to celebrate in a world so perpetually torn by human hatred, violence, injustice, and strife, let alone disease, pain, and suffering.  Attacks in Brussels, refugees of Syria, demagoguery in politics, are not unique to any language, nation, people or generation.  Likewise, despite our best efforts and intentions, good people of every faith, including Christianity, continue to err and stray like lost sheep from the Holy ways of God, even in Holy Week. 

Nevertheless, it makes a difference that we gather to remember, proclaim, and celebrate the love of God poured out for the world through the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus.   This love is the truest revelation of reality.  More real and true by far than the distortions and perversions we sometimes fear may be taking over the world.  God’s love is real and true, even though I am prone to forget it.  And these Three Days provide a reality check I need.  They call me to attention, and wake me up again.

God loves the world.  All of it, though not the hatred, violence and strife we allow and sometimes foster.  God loves us. Each of us, though not our failures to appreciate and be true to the reality of that love that constitutes our truest selves.  It matters more than anything that the Son of God gives himself for us to know and receive and live in the reality of God's love just as much as we are able.  It matters immeasurably that we give ourselves to try and love one another as God loves us.  And it matters that we gather together to remember, proclaim and celebrate the truth of God’s love.  

When I look out over the household of God in all its sorts and conditions including some who are dying, sick, lonely, poor, or lame singing Alleluia right along with the carefree children, the strong, the rich and the able, I get the reality check I need.  We cannot see who we are when we are not together.  Yet even when we are far apart, Love binds and makes us one, whole, real.  I know this, even when I forget that I know it.  I only wish we could all know this immortal, omnipotent love of God more clearly, love God and one another more dearly, follow the light of God’s love in Christ more nearly.  May it be so for you and yours this Easter and always.