Rector's Weekly Message

Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another. Mark 9:50 So Jesus tells us in Sunday's Gospel lesson.   Every celebration of the Eucharist is a representation of the peace God has made with and between all of us.  Peace that is the source of our joy and the ground of our mission.  The Peace of God is our joy that comes to us with the Holy Spirit from the risen Christ who delivered it to his disciples on Easter Day.   God's Peace, God's Shalom, is inseparable from God's Spirit and the fruits of the Spirit - joy, love, wisdom, goodness, abundant life. We have all this.  And our mission is to help others know that they have it, too, not as a dream, or as a hope for the future, but as a present reality that assures our hope for the future and gives promise to our dreams.  Have this salt in yourselves.  And from this central peace of Christ go  out with creative compassion and a spirit to give and live the love of the risen Christ for the world, with special attention to those who are most vulnerable, and those who live in the darkness of ignorance.