Rector's Weekly Message

This Sunday we welcome Eva Nicole Gilbertson into the Body of Christ and the household God.

Eva’s grandmother Mary has been bringing her to church all her life.  But Eva has not been a member of the church.  Most Sundays over the past year or two Eva has come up to the altar rail and reached out her hand for her share of the bread.  I have consistently refused her despite the coercive power of her large “puppy dog” eyes, because the Bread of Communion cannot be used by someone who is not a member of the Body of Christ.  Communion Bread is spiritual food made by Christ to nourish the life of the Holy Spirit, it serves no other purpose.  

On Sunday, Eva Nicole will be joined forever into the Body of Christ and thus transformed she will be ready to participate not only in the digestion of the Bread, but in its in baking by the fire of God's word and our prayers, and in its ultimate transformation into the life and work of the Body of Christ. 

What a great way to head out out of August toward Labor Day.