Rector's Weekly Message

Today, leaning back in the great chair I inherited from my father, I caught a glimpse of the driftwood and sea-shell mobile (which I purchased at the Craft Fair a few years ago) hanging from the branch of the holly tree outside my office window.  

 When I look at the mobile of driftwood and sea-shells I remember how much I love getting into the sea, diving under the waves and reemerging, standing in the surf and feeling it pull me and bury my feet.  Digging in the sand and being burned up by the sun.  It is so amazing, so wonderful to have the gift being part of creation and the further gift of knowing and reflecting upon the knowledge that we are part of creation.  These experiences of belonging in and to creation are powerful sources of hope, joy, and well being that sometimes seem absent in the more urban and artificial surroundings we have made for ourselves. But when we connect with creation we regain the sense that all is well, and we can see and do good.

 In this Sunday’s Gospel Jesus says, “Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood abide in me, and I in them."  We know that he is referring to the bread and wine of Holy Eucharist, his body and blood.  But most importantly Jesus is expressing his joyful desire and purpose to live in us, individually, and inseparably together, established in our hearts and souls, the deepest reality of our lives, to be a source, a well spring and abundant feast of hope, joy, and well being for us no matter the circumstances or surroundings. The most amazing thing is that we can see that he has done precisely this, binding all sorts and conditions of humanity by his Holy Spirit into one family of one God, transforming us into bearers of hope, joy, and well being for others in his name.