Rector's Weekly Message

This Sunday we welcome Grace Pratt our new Deacon and Assistant Rector!  Take an opportunity to meet Grace at the Adult Forum between the services, and try to arrange an opportunity to get to know her and let her get to know you. 

Here are some things to find out about Grace:

Who is her husband?  Do they have any children or pets?  Where did Grace grow up?  What churches played the biggest roles in her formation?  When did she first sense the call to be an Episcopal priest?  What is her goal for youth before they head off to college?  What has she enjoyed about working with children and youth?  What is a deacon?! When will she be ordained a priest?  What is her quest?  What is her favorite color? Does she know the air speed of an unladen swallow?

Here are some things to share with Grace about yourself: Where did you grow up?  What do you value most about the Christian faith?  How was that taught to you?  What obstacles do you face to your practice of Christianity? Where do you get your spiritual support?  What is (are) the thing(s) you most want to happen?  How much time do you spend on it (them)?  What do you think your mission should be?