Rector's Weekly Message

This Sunday we celebrate our our youth. Dorothy Bowerfind and Ericka Larsen will deliver the sermon at our services.  We will give thanks for our high school seniors, and other students who have reached certain milestones in their development.  And everyone is invited to enjoy our annual picnic at Mount Vernon Park after the 10 am service.  

We will also bid farewell to the DeGregory and Johnson families who will be moving away for new professional opportunities.   

The blessings of God are fresh every morning. But like the manna gathered in the wilderness, to receive today's blessings we must let go of yesterday's.  As our children grow and move into greater independence we have tried to prepare them for, or as good friends leave for new opportunity and adventure, we may want to drag our feet to slow the circles down. But we will try to count our blessings and give thanks for them without trying to hold on to them.

Truly God has blessed us in countless ways through the times we have shared.   And nothing is more certain than that the blessings to come will be even greater if we will live hands and hearts open to receive and to share the love and goodness that flow without end from the hands and heart of our God.