Rector's Weekly Message

This Sunday, June 21, we will hear from High School graduate Dorothy Bowerfind.  Dorothy is the fourth member of the class of 2015 to preach.  Erika Larsen preached June 7.  Claire Questad and Becky Lehner preached in June 2014.

Following the 8 am service our Pilgrims will depart for BWI and on to Scotland.  You will be able to follow their progress on Facebook through the Wonder Voyage Facebook page.

Sunday's readings, David v Goliath and Jesus stilling the stormy sea, remind us that God wants to and does help us.  God's never failing love helps us develop that inner calm and confidence that allows us to find creative compassion, to persevere with courage in the face of evil, confusion, and doubt.  

May our Pilgrims and our graduates always know the inner calm that comes from trusting and loving God.  And may that trust and love help them to do the work of creating compassion, justice and peace in their lives and in the world.