Rector's Weekly Message

This Sunday, Bishop Goff will lead us in a celebration of Confirmation at 4 pm. 

Some times when it looks like next to nothing is happening, the most important thing of all is going on.

As when a seed is sown. Dry and tiny they slip through your fingers, not unlike grains of sand, nothing to look upon, nothing to taste.  All their value is in their promise, what they might become. But if this small thing is not done, if a seed is not planted, no fruit will be enjoyed, or promise come to light.  

Most of us don't feel any thing at Confirmation.  But the most important thing is happening.  The Holy Spirit is being strengthened within each confirmand through the laying on of hands belonging to one authorized by the entire church to represent the entire church.  These episcopal hands are the hands of Jesus extended through the vine of apostolic succession conveying the Spirit of God, unimaginable power and light, into a soul who will do God's justice and bear God's love in the world.   

I know you find it hard to believe.  But God, who looks on the heart, is watching over you.  Through your life God is forming you into the seed that will blossom into glorious fruit in the resurrection.  God will bring all this to pass through the same Spirit strengthened through Confirmation and working within you and through you to do God's love and justice in the world.