Rector's Weekly Message

This Mother's Day, May 10, is the sixth Sunday of Easter, the Sunday before the Ascension.  As we draw nearer to the departure of Jesus our Sunday readings grow in their witness to and emphasis on the power of the Holy Spirit, who is the bond of love.  Last Sunday we heard the story of the Ethiopian eunuch who receives the Holy Spirit and is baptized.  This Sunday the Holy Spirit is poured out upon all who hear Peter speaking, Jew and Gentile.

Jesus tells us that eternal life, the life of the Holy Spirit, is nothing other than divine love, love not for ourselves but for others. Love known and epitomized in the act of laying down our lives for our friends.

This is the way of life - to lay down life out of love - and to pick life up again out of love.  We can all live this love.  And so often we learn the way of love first from those who guide, guard, nurture and pray for us from the moment of our conception until death do us part, namely our mothers.  

All love flows from the same source, the Holy Spirit.  Mothers need to return and draw from and rely upon the Holy Spirit as much as anyone does.  Thanks be to God for the love that informs and gives and beauty to all creation.  And thanks be to God for the sacrificial acts of Mother love, for all mothers who lay down their lives, and pick them up again for their children.