Rector's Weekly Message

Today (or last Thursday if you are reading this in the Sunday bulletin) is Ascension Day.  Today we remember and celebrate that the risen Jesus ascended bodily into heaven. Several critical insights follow from the Ascension.  One is that the human body is holy.  That doesn't mean we should be taking it to a spa day every chance we get, or keeping it safe from all harm.  The human body is the holy instrument through which God reveals and fulfills his purpose in creation.  Jesus' unjust suffering intensifies the revelation of divine justice, love and forgiveness, and heightens our evaluation of his command that we should love one another.  Like him, we must use our bodies to reveal and fulfill the commands of Godly love.  And we should be wary of making distinctions between which bodies deserve justice, love, and forgiveness.  The Ascension teaches us that humanity, not simply some part of it, is the vehicle for divine love.  And because of this the Church struggles to minister God's love to everybody.