Easter Message

Our Lord suffered crucifixion in order to establish the church as his new and eternal Body whose members can never be separated from the love, mercy, grace, and blessing of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  As we follow him through his passion this Good Friday we remember and confirm that it is by his faithfulness and goodness alone that we are made members of his Body.  And as we celebrate the never-ending life we share in his resurrection, we recommit ourselves to the work of making him known as Savior and Lord, and to sharing in the work of renewing and healing the world.  

Christ is alive for us, with us, in us so that we can share in this work.  Come to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the celebrations of Easter knowing that the true worship of God is manifest in the way we treat our fellow human beings, the poor and the rich, the imprisoned and the free, the alien and the citizen, the sick and the whole, those who wish to do us harm and those who wish to do us good.  Accept that our failures to do and be more like Christ are precisely the reason we  need the unending blessing of his mercy and love.  But never make failure an excuse for giving up.  In the light of his resurrection go again to seek and serve him everywhere.  Everywhere except the tomb.  He is not there.