Rector's Weekly Message

This Sunday we will have an Instructed Eucharist.  During the service we will consider the “real presence” of Jesus.

 The risen Christ shared bread and wine with his disciples on the day of the resurrection. Likewise, we share it on every Sunday as the Day of Resurrection, trusting He is always truly present with all his disciples who ever have been or will be made members of his Body through Baptism.  Together, with all of them, we are members of the one and eternal Body of Christ, enlivened by Christ who is known and present through Word and Sacrament.

 We commit ourselves to be and do Christ’s work during each week as an epitome of the seven days of creation.  Every Friday we give honor and thanks to God for the end of our work and the end of His work.  Every Saturday we rest and prepare to celebrate the new creation.  Every Sunday we return to the empty tomb (represented by the church building) and gather around his table, share his word, his peace, his holy food, and celebrate his resurrection and our communion with God and one another. By this regular renewal and feeding from Christ the Church grows strong and effective in its mission. 

For additional thoughts on the value of our liturgy, I commend this article by Ben Irwin.