Rector's Weekly Message

From acclamations of Hosanna! (Save us!) to Crucify him! As fresh been palms are twisted into crosses Palm Sunday reveals human nature as something like a ship adrift, at first appearing to have a purposeful course, and then careening out of control, at the mercy of the wind and the waves, wrecked.  The most devoted of friends and the most holy and just institutions fail when they depend upon their own goodness and wisdom.   In stark relief Jesus keeps true course, obligations, loyalties and soul in tact.  

The message is easy to receive, and just as easy to miss.  There is no existential, moral, or natural hazard to which we will not succumb when we look within ourselves for purpose, goodness, and meaning.  And there is no deficit God cannot fulfill in us if we will turn to God and accept God's purpose, goodness, and meaning for us.  

As the people of Israel watched in awe on the shore of the Red Sea as God fought for them against the armies of Pharaoh, the best we can do through Holy Week is to watch, accept, and celebrate what God provides through the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus.  

And then we should keep following and listening to our King and Great High Priest, and be about his work, proclaiming and building up his kingdom, seeking and serving him in all, and especially in the least of those, we call our neighbors, and at all times and in all circumstances giving love and thanks and praise to God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.