Rector's Weekly Message


Dear Friends,

Epiphany means appearance, making known, public, obvious. The Season after the Epiphany celebrates the making public of Jesus.  This making known began with his birth, but even more importantly with his Baptism and expands through his public ministry of healing and teaching, his miracles -first at Cana, and the call and sending out of the apostles, and to us, the members of his Body in this time and place.

 This First Sunday after the Epiphany we celebrate the gift of manhood and woman for Julia Aaron, Nick Hamilton, David McFarlane, Quinn Bloom, Khloe Krizek, and Diana Kleiman. Like so many of God’s gifts, including our inalienable rights, and the most wondrous gift of eternal life bestowed upon us by the Holy Spirit in Baptism, the gift of manhood and womanhood is for our mutual joy and for our purpose to care for the whole creation.  Like all God’s gifts, it costs much time and great effort to acquire the skills, wisdom and understanding to use the free gift of manhood and womanhood in ways that truly bring joy and benefit to us and to the world we are called to care for. 

 At Rite 13, as at their baptism, the community of adults in the Church pledge to do all in our power to help Julia, Nick, David, Quinn, Khloe, and Diana grow into the fullness of Christian life.  We all share that work with parents, with peers, and these young men and women themselves. We look forward to exploring and learning with them more and more what it means to be a full, manifest, public Christians who enjoy the greatest gifts imaginable and who share the responsibility for making God’s truth, justice, and love manifest, public, known.