Rector's Weekly Message

As Jessie J sings, Forget about the price tag.  This September at St. Luke's we are holding our Personal Journey Stewardship Campaign.  It's not about the money, money, money.  This is about our responsibility for our own spiritual growth.  As Rabbi Hillel said: if not me, who?  If not now, when?  Spiritual growth can be a vague term.  But for a Christian there is a clear focus.  We have joined the community of Christ through the Holy Spirit.  Spiritual growth happens when we workout with the Holy Spirit.  The basic disciplines for that work are outlined in our Baptismal promises: we renounce evil. We turn toward, trust in, and follow Jesus. We continue in the teaching of the apostles, the breaking of bread, and the prayers.  We repent, proclaim the good news, love our neighbors, strive for justice and peace.  

As a help in refocusing on this basic, essential work of spiritual growth we are offering this personal assessment form and spiritual growth interest survey.  You work through the assessment alone, or with others after worship services in September.  Complete the survey and submit it online to help us with our program planning.

The most important outcome is a commitment to some sort of spiritual discipline, something you choose to do regularly to help you grow as a Christian.  It might be dedicating time to read and discuss the Bible, or time to keep silence, or to attend church every Sunday, or read Forward Day by Day, or pray.  The options are endless. Whatever you choose, it's not about the price tag.  It is about spending time with the Holy Spirit. The HS will never make you do anything.  Like an ever present friend and guide the HS is available for you when you decide to take the time and the effort to call, to listen, to follow.  If you do take the time, and make the investment, one thing is guaranteed, you will grow and bring forth the fruit of good works.