Rector's Weekly Message

It doesn't matter how effective the resources available to us are if we are not willing to engage them persistently and thoughtfully put them to work in our lives.  

We have all the resources we need to build communities of justice and peace.  But the resources won't organize themselves.  

The Word of God has always been sufficient resource for the creation and development of God's Kingdom.  And so the Bible is an unsurpassed resource for adult education.  So it is not a lack of resources that impedes adult education. Kerygma is a program of adult Bible study, one of a few Bible study programs promoted through the Seminaries of the Episcopal Church.  The idea behind Kerygma is that the key to adult education an effective strategy to create and sustain adult education.  The Kerygma Program addresses practical questions of effective adult education to produce learning experiences that are valid and fulfilling.

We will take an initial look at the Kerygma program in the adult forum hour 9 am to 10 am Sunday July 20.  

Take another look around you.  God has provided everything we need to thrive. Consider asking for God's help to engage those resources effectively.  Who better to guide you than the one who made you?