Rector's Weekly Message

In Sunday’s gospel lesson according to John Jesus says, "'Out of the believer's heart shall flow rivers of living water.’”  He is speaking about the Holy Spirit who comes to live with us through the waters of Baptism by which we are buried to sin with Christ in his crucifixion and raised with him to abundant life. The Holy Spirit is living water flowing from a believer’s heart and refreshing a thirsty world.  The world is thirsty for the hope, goodness, kindness, justice, beauty and truth of the Holy Spirit.  And we have the Spirit.  

The Spirit is evident in our joys and in our sadness, in our anger and in our contentment. I see the Spirit operating in one who tending a garden, in another caring for animals; in one teaching children to sing, in another leading children out to explore the world around them; in one setting the table for Eucharist, in another inviting friends over for dinner; in one angry about the plight of homeless veterans, in another helping wounded warriors recover a dream and a plan for a full and productive life.

We are often unaware of the Spirit shaping our habits, our passions, our dreams, and our simple acts of charity, hope, or kindness.  But the Spirit is there, flowing from your heart, changing you into the likeness of Christ, changing the world into the Kingdom of God.

Attend today to the Spirit that is in you, suffer the prodding of the Spirit to step into larger life, believe, hope, endure, rejoice that you, together with all creation, are being brought to your perfection by the one through whom all things are made.