Neighbors Helping Neighbors - Mount Vernon Food Drive

St. Luke’s Outreach Highlight


The 2014 Mount Vernon Area Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive is in full swing this month.  Nina Shute, St. Luke’s teen and West Potomac High School student, has been conducting an area-wide food drive to help fill the UCM Cynthia Hull Pantry with food.  Nina says, “There are hundreds of children in our neighborhoods that depend on school lunches for their primary meal during the school year.  When school lets out for the summer, many of these children do not have food to eat for lunch during the long summer days.”  Nina, through Girl Scouts and volunteering at United Community Ministries (UCM), has seen first-hand how hard it is for some families with children to make ends meet.   “Less than a mile from my house, there are families who wake up wondering how they are going to feed their children that day” Nina worries. 


Nina is currently coordinating over 40 volunteers to run food drives in their immediate neighborhoods and/or streets.  Neighborhoods being covered in the food drive include Belle Haven all the way down to Mount Vernon. “People have been so wonderful to volunteer to help.  I tried to make it as easy as possible.  Each coordinator covers as many streets in their neighborhood as they can.  I have a big poster board with a map where I highlight streets that I already have volunteers covering for the food drive.”  However she is quick to add that there are plenty of streets still available for coordinators interested in helping.


All the volunteers are collecting food from their neighbors on designated streets during the month of June and bringing the food to St. Luke’s Church.  Nina takes the food as it piles up to UCM’s pantry.  “We just delivered the first installment of 500 pounds of food to UCM on Monday, June 9.  This is a great start!  I am hoping to do at least four more deliveries with 500 or more pounds of food, but I am so thankful for whatever people are willing to donate to help the children in need in our area.”


St. Luke’s Church has had a coordinator for the Mount Vernon Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive for 6 years.  We are proud of Nina Shute for taking on this community-wide food drive.  It is truly a “Neighbor Helping Neighbor” event and could not be possible without the volunteers and those who donate the food.


Monetary contributions can also be made by check payable to "UCM Cynthia Hull Food Pantry" (memo: Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive)


For information on how to help, please contact Nina Shute at