A Reflection on Mothers' Day!

Today we gladly offer warm Happy Mothers’ Day wishes to all mothers. This special celebration leads me to think about the great role that mothers play in passing on faith to their children. I realize that my own mom was instrumental in helping me develop a life of faith by her faithful instruction, but especially by her own authentic example.

A young man named Timothy, who lived a long time ago and became a Christian minister at a young age, was greatly influenced by his mother, Eunice, and his grandmother Lois—a little fact that we can all read about in the Bible in the Second Letter of Paul to Timothy, chapter 1, verse 5. St. Luke’s can even claim a founding-mother. St. Luke’s came to be thanks to the efforts of a woman, Aggie Finks, who began to serve children in our community with the zeal of a mother. Happy Mothers’ Day to mothers everywhere! Effective mothers, grandmothers, and women who play mothers-like roles are treasured gifts to us all.