Rector's Weekly Message

The great blues guitarist BB King sings "I like to live the love that I sing about in my song", lyrics by David Bernard Crawford.  

This Sunday we hear the second of three parables from the 21st and 22nd chapters of Matthew told by Jesus in the Temple in Jerusalem on the Tuesday before Good Friday, to the elders and chief priests who have confronted him, "From whom do you (Jesus) get authority to do all these things?"  In each parable Jesus poses a very specific challenge to the authority of the elders and priests: Real authority evidences itself walking the walk, doing the works of faith.   To fully prove his authority Jesus walks the way of the cross.  

We live God's love by standing up bravely for the needs of others, caring for God's people and God's  creation.  Living God's love is costly and sometimes hard, but in the end it is glorious.

For every day of the last twenty two years I have been truly blessed that Delea took me as her husband, to have and to hold.  Four amazing children, one incredible son-in-law and one adorable grandson are among the richest joys and blessings we cherish.  

Blessings are not in the talk.  Walking the walk. Doing the works of faith.  Living the love we sing about.  That's how authority is proved, that's where blessings are.